I like to keep myself healthy. I run and go to gym. This is the picture of me finishing a Swedish 5 km race. I train  3~5 times per week in summer and become a bit lazy in dark and cold Swedish winter.








I had learned painting for years when I was small. Now I paint as a hobby. This is my copy of ‘Velocity of Cars and Light’ (Giacomo Balla 1913).






I enjoy going to metal concert. However, my skills on music instruments are not that high.
I took this picture in the Deathcrusher tour  in Stockholm while Carcass was playing.





IMG_5169It is fun to do something very different from my work. After being asked in Armani shop to be their model and many other similar experiences, I decided to be a part-time commercial model. Please contact me through if you want to hire me as a model.